Our Mission 

 Polk Pre-Collegiate Academy is committed to providing every student with challenging learning opportunities and academic support that motivates and empowers them to achieve college and career readiness through a rigorous STEAM program set within a small and safe learning environment.

Our Purpose  

Polk Pre-Collegiate Academy (PPCA) is a unique 9th and 10th grade Academy of Applied Discovery program where instructors expose learners to innovative experiences and guide them through relevant application and evaluation of those experiences. PPCA students are goal-oriented with aspirations of becoming future-ready for college and career success.   

Our Structure

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) infused  courses

  • tuition-free public charter school governed by the PPCA Board  of Directors

  • small non-traditional high school setting 

  • rigorous honors level courses and instruction

Our Belief In...

  • all members having the opportunity and responsibility to participate in the governance of our school. 

  • striving to prepare students to be lifelong learners and responsibile citizens in our current and future society.

  • fostering a safe and supportive environment that encourages mutual respect and equal opportunity for all.

  • supporting the learning community by fostering open and honest communication, establishing trust and collaboration and providing our school family with the resources to accomplish goals for student success. 

  • students can learn, and we must be sensitive to the diversity of their learning styles and developmental levels.

  • educators who are committed to the concept of a team-based curriculum that is student centered, challenging, relevant, and integrative.  The curriculum emphasizes the academic, artistic, social, and physical development of the student.

  • educators who are knowledgeable about young adolescents, their educational needs, and who are committed to the use of varied instructional strategies and delivery systems. 

This is PPCA

Video produced by Casey Gabriel

Veterans - We Honor You!



PPCA honors the men and women who have sacrificially served our great country so that we may wake up each day in a free land. 

Our honored veterans chose to “Be the Ones” to lay down their life so that family, friends, and strangers may live in freedom.

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Be The One

Written by PPCA students Jennifer Morales, Kirsten Ocampo and Jomelys Gonzalez

Together as ONE,
we change our tomorrows.
We are a family,
for we know,
we're a team with a destiny,
a dream, and a goal.
The Puma Pride spirit
runs deep through our souls.

In this place, 
we are who we are.
No judgement or shame.
We all are stars
striving to bring out 
the best in each other,
within this pride 
of sisters and brothers.

Here no one
is left behind.
That's our 212
state of mind.
Our Puma Pride spirit,
when all's said and done,
pushes us forward to:



Suspicious Activity Reporting App

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.


Department of Children and Families

Abuse Hotline  1-800-962-2873