PPCA School T-Shirts


If you would like to purchase PPCA school t-shirts for this upcoming school year, please click on the links below. 


Before submitting your order, please carefully review your order.

Orders close: Friday, July 16, 2021


Email Address: 

You must use your PPCA email address when submitting your order or it will be canceled. We only use PPCA email addresses for orders. 

***We do not know who soccermom123@yahoo.com is. :-) So only use your PPCA email address when ordering. 


When will orders be available?

There are two ways for delivery:

(1) Ship to your home address. You will need to choose that when you are ordering your shirts. 

(2) Ship to school. All orders sent to school will be available during orientation. 


Does PPCA order extra t-shirts to have on campus to sell?

No, so please order what is needed and make sure you check for correct sizing before ordering. 


If you have any questions, please let me know. 


Mrs. Tapp 


To Place Your
T-Shirt Order,
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PPCA Dress Code

  Shirts Allowed: 


  1. School t-shirts

  2. T-shirts and collared shirts of any color and appropriate pattern

  3. Team sports jerseys ONLY on game day

  4. Untucked shirts


Not Allowed:


  • Shirts with photos/images/quotes of individuals

  • Shirts with phrases, vulgar/inappropriate language/innuendo

  • Shirts that are sleeveless shirts or have spaghetti straps

  • Wearing an unbuttoned shirt with a tank top, tube top, spaghetti strap shirt underneath

  • Showing midriff, low neckline shirts, see-through shirts



Pants/Shorts Allowed:

  • Jeans (blue/black), khakis, dress pants

  • Sweatpants/athletic pants

  • Jean shorts, khakis, athletic shorts

  • Pants and shorts that fit appropriately - worn on hips - not too tight, not too loose

  • Shorts cannot be shorter than 4” above the knee

  • Leggings can only be worn with a long shirt or dress that should not exceed 4” above the knee

  • Small rips/tears in the knee area and below



Not allowed: 

  • Running shorts (the short type with rounded sides)

  • Overalls

  • Rips above the knee in pants/short

  • Rips that allow skin to show


Dresses/Skirts Allowed:

  • Any color and appropriate pattern

  • Length should not exceed 4” above the knee

  • Jean skirts

  • Appropriate neckline

  • Dresses must have sleeves


Jackets/Hoodies Allowed: 

  • Any color

  • Hoods on jackets


Not Allowed:

  • Wearing hoods in classroom

  • Hoodies/jackets with phrases, vulgar/inappropriate language/innuendo


Shoes Allowed: (Dress comfortably due to outdoor activities)


  • Running, tennis, athletic shoes

  • Crocs and sandals with back strap

  • Boots


Not Allowed:

  • Slides, flip flops, high heels, slippers



  • Hats are allowed on Fridays and on theme dress-out days


Not Allowed:

  • Accessories/jewelry that is distracting and/or offensive


Rule of Good Judgment


We are expecting all students to follow PPCA’s dress code policy without repeated reminders. 

Our staff’s time and efforts should be focused on your education, not having to constantly handle dress code violations. 


Students who choose to not abide by the dress code will be in jeopardy of disciplinary actions and having their dress code privileges revoked. Parent support in ensuring your student is dressed for success at school is appreciated. 



Dress Code Violations:

For EACH dress code offense, a parent will be called and required to bring student appropriate clothing.

Offense #1: Warning; Offense #2: Work Detail; Offense #3: Referral


Note:  Administration has the authority to make judgements on attire worn to school. Students are expected to comply according to decisions made by administration.