PPCA's progressive enrollment:

  • 2011-2012:   25 students

  • 2012-2013:   50 students

  • 2013-2014:   75 students

  • 2014 & beyond:  110+ students

  • 2017-2018:  120+

Priority Admission

A priority will be given to the following students in this order of priority: 

1.  Students who are incoming 9th grade siblings of currently enrolled 10th grade PPCA students. (Sibling applicants who submit and application after open enrollment forfeits their sibling priority status.)

2.  Students who are children of PPCA governing board members.

3.  Students who are children of PPCA staff members.

4. Students who are children of active military personnel. 

Priority enrollment MUST be marked on the online application in order for the priority status to apply. 

Open Enrollment Application

​Any student entering the 9th grade may apply to Polk Pre-Collegiate Academy (PPCA). 

​*Open enrollment parent meetings (two) are scheduled in January each school year.  Interested applicants should attend one of the two meetings to gather information about PPCA in order to make an informed decision about education options.  

​*Applications must be completed online at www.ppcacademy.net. The 2021- 2022 application will be available beginning March 8th and located under the "Enrollment" tab. Open enrollment will close at 3:30 p.m. on March 12th. 

​Applications received after March 12th will not be part of the open enrollment lottery.  Late applications will be placed on the applicant list. 

​*Persons needing assistance may complete an application in the school's main office between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  All applications are treated as if they were received at the same time during the open enrollment period, therefore, it is unnecessary to complete the information on a "first come-first served" basis.  

*A random selection process will be used to randomly sort and select applicants to determine seats on a space-available basis. Once all seats are filled, the lottery will continue so that each applicant is either given a seat or put in a waiting applicant list.  

​*Priority admissions are applied first.  Applicants with siblings attending PPCA who apply after open enrollment will forfeit the sibling priority.

​*Applications received after the open enrollment period will be placed in the applicant pool.  Enrollments are determined by priorities, grade levels, class size amendment requirements and physical space.

​*Once an application is selected, acceptance or rejection must be made by the parent/guardian within one week.  If placement is declined, a new application must be submitted for future consideration. Waiting pool applicants who are not placed during the current year will be moved to the next year's waiting pool.

*Transportation will be provided only to zones established by provider, Berkley Charter School.

*Any students who are retained must resubmit an application in order to be considered in their assigned grade the subsequent year. 

*The admission procedure will include a non-discriminatory screening process for students.

*PPCA's population will reflect the communities of Auburndale and Polk City with respect to racial and socio-economic status.  Local demographics can be found at www.citydata.com.

*Open enrollment periods and parent meeting dates will be set by administration each year and announced before the end of the first semester.

*Students and parents are expected to honor policies within the student and parent contracts.  Behavior and attendance policies will be enforced with interventions and subsequent actions deemed necessary.   

*A recommendation for placement back into a zoned school will typically be made after intervention strategies have been implemented and documented; however, there may be occasions when the administration feels that the welfare of the classmates may take precedence in consideration for exiting a particular student without parental consent.

After priorities are determined, the remaining applicants participate in a random selection process.  When all seats have been assigned, the remaining applicants will be placed on an applicant's list.  Students on the 9th grade waiting list will roll up to the 10th grade list for the next school year.


Key:  W=White     B=Black or African American     H=Hispanic or Latino     A=Asian     P=Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander     I=American Indian or Alaskan Native     M=More Than One Race     N=No Race Data Available


9th Grade: 25 Total

64% W

4% B

20% H

12% M


9th Grade: 31 Total

71% W

6.5 % B

19.4% H

3.2% M


10th Grade: 23 Total

69.9% W

21.7% H

8.7% M


9th Grade: 50 Total

82% W

8% B

10% H


10th Grade: 31 Total

71% W

6.5% B

19.4% H

3.2% M


9th Grade: 58 Total

79.3% W

12.1% H

5.2% A

3.4% M


10th Grade: 51 Total

82.4% W

7.8% B

9.8% H


9th Grade: 55 Total

63.6% W

9.1% B

20% H

3.6% A

1.8% P

1.8% M


10th Grade: 54 Total

75.9% W

14.8% H

5.6% A

3.7% M


9th Grade: 68 Total

69.1% W

10.3% B

13.2% H

2.9% A

4.4% M


10th Grade: 52 Total

61.5% W

9.6% B

21.2% H

3.8% A

1.9% P

1.9% M


9th Grade: 56 Total

51.8% W

1.8% B

32.1% H

5.4% A

1.8% I

7.1% M


10th Grade: 66 Total

71.2% W

7.6% B

13.6% H

3% A

4.5% M


9th & 10th Grade: 120 Total

 W - 59%

B - 4%

H - 26%

 A - 4%

 Multi - 6%

Indian - 1%

Current School Year:


9th & 10th Grade: 143 Total

 W - 64%

B - 8%

H - 20%

 A - 4%

 Multi - 3%

Indian -0%

Island Pac-0%

Auburndale Demographics:

71.70% W

12.40% B

13.10% H

1.10% A

 >1% I

1.40% M


Polk City Demographics:

84.70% W

.90% B

12.10% H

.60% A

 >1% I

1.50% M


Effective July 1, 2017

(10) ELIGIBLE STUDENTS.—  (a) A charter school may be exempt from the requirements of s. 1002.31 if the school is shall be open to any student  covered in an interdistrict agreement and any student residing in the school district in which the charter school is located.;

Effective July 1, 2016

§ 1002.31, Fla. Stat., Controlled Open Enrollment

(2)(b) Each school district and charter school capacity determinations for its schools must be current and must be identified on the school district and charter school’s websites.

(4)(d) As part of its controlled open enrollment process, a charter school may provide preferential treatment in its controlled open enrollment participation process to the enrollment limitations pursuant to s. 1002.33(10), if such special purposes are identified in the charter agreement. Each charter school shall annually post on its website the application process required to participate in controlled open enrollment, consistent with this section and s. 1002.33.